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Welcome to Turners Beach Berry Patch

Come and Enjoy the Sweet Tastes of Nature!

Fun for the family, relaxation and refreshment for all awaits you at Turners Beach Berry Patch.

Sample our flavourful selection of berries

  • ~ Raspberries
  • ~ Blackberries
  • ~ Tayberries
  • ~ Strawberries

Reopening 4 July from 10am until 4pm…
Friday until 9pm.
Closed for public holidays.

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Fresh air and sunshine make harvesting berries a fun and fit activity for all generations

Fresh air and sunshine make harvesting berries a fun and fit activity for all generations

What makes our berries so special?

It all starts with the varieties we select and continues to the time we pick. We choose varieties that most growers overlook. We don’t care for shipability, long shelf life or those hard tastless or orange things you have probably experienced.

Our strawberries are dark red picked fully ripe, that means high anthocyanin antioxidants good for you and great tasting. Our raspberries are not the huge tasteless varieties found in supermarkets but have good old fashioned taste. And our brambles and tayberries are something else. Yummm…

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fresh raspberries


delicious tayberries


beautiful blackberries


flavourful strawberries

Visit our farm shop for relaxing refreshment

Enjoy our tasty cuisine

Artisan dining with healthy and natural ingredients

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Authentic wood-fired oven

Enjoy gourmet pizzas from our authentic wood-fired oven

Buy your fruit pre-picked, or pick your own

You can experience the same sunshine that makes our berries so sweet and delicious by hand-picking your own fruit… or buy it pre-picked and ready-to-go.

Good friends enjoy good food and drinks in a natural setting

We are determined to make great coffee!

We source our freshly roasted blended beans from Gioconda Coffee. In our opinion these are the best available beans and result in wonderful aromatic and full bodied shots. Stop in and try a cup for yourself.

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We can be found at Blackburn Drive Turners Beach just off the Bass Highway.
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